Maternity Food Catering In Singapore

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Maternity Food Catering Singapore

Research has shown that a woman’s nutrition and overall health has a great impact on the health not only to herself but the health of her growing baby in her stomach. Pregnancy places extra nutritional demands on women body in this instant. Quoted from the old time saying “eating for two;” Maternity Food Catering in Singapore provides new mum needs for more protein and nutrients, particularly iron, folate, iodine, and zinc. To eating well with a balanced diet of prenatal food and focus on a wide variety of nutritious rich foods; combined with taking a daily multivitamin should not have been neglected. This provides the nutrients’ need for women to feel good, to have great energy and the support to the healthy pregnancy.

After giving birth, 28 days Post natal confinement care of pregnancy is critical for women. The special diet of new baby confinement food from Maternity Food Catering serve to nourish and replenish of Qi; the blood circulation; the balance of yin and yang aim to restore body energy.

Importance of Maternity Food

Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) divide foods into “warm” and “cold” categories. As per “yuzi”  traditional theory, After the birth delivery, women follicles expand during childbirth, leaving the body vulnerable to cold. The “warm” foods are, therefore, advisable for a woman to stick to it during the maternity period. To consume the “warm” nature of food is to give body more yang. Balancing the Yin and Yang “of our body is to improve the Qi and blood circulation. The typical of warm nature Maternity Food catering:

  • Ginger, Chinese angelica root (dang gui), red beans (adzuki), and sesame oil improve blood & Qi circular & dispel the wind
  • Pigs feet, peanuts, and papaya boost breast milk.
  • Liver replenishes blood loss during birth
  • Kidney eases pain and sore joints,
  • Red dates nourish blood.
  • Longan for relaxation and promotes sleep.
  • Goji berries enhance qi and tonify the blood.

Postpartum Care

First two weeks ( weeks ) after birth confinement care or postpartum care can either benefit or affect the health of pregnant lady in the long run; especially women undergo caesareans birth should never take it too lightly. Proper maternity care with hiring a confinement nanny or to engage the Maternity Food Catering; to provide the right type of food to eat. This is to aim to balance the “Yin and Yang “of the body, to improve blood circulation, dispel wind, detox and cleansing the toxins from our body, revitalise health and absorb the necessary nutrition.

First stage: During the first week after childbirth, the recommended new mum’s main course to be herbal pork liver with sesame oil soup. Liver probably the best food to consume in the world because of it contains folate, iron and vitamin B12. The high vitamin B12 and iron benefit the red blood cell formation and improves cellular function. Consuming liver is actually an effective liver cleansing. It actually gives one body and liver all the nutrients need in order to detoxify properly. The Confinement Mummy consume Pork Liver Soup help her uterus contract, release her water retention and make toxins leave her body through postpartum bleeding.

Second stage.  On the second week, recommended sesame oil pig kidney soup. General, a new mum may experience extreme weakness after childbirth with cold/flu like symptoms such as aching bones and headache, cold sweat, coughing, abdominal pain and exhaustion. This special Maternity Food enhance the new mum’s metabolism as well as help her to prevent lower back pains, sore joints, and other common health problems in post-labor women

Third and fourth weeks the last stage of postpartum care. This is the recommended time to serve sesame oil chicken, or herbal chicken soup, the most widely known postpartum dish in Asia. The chicken soup can nourish the new mum’s blood, boost her energy and prepare her to return to her normal routine.

The maternity confinement period giving a great time for women to learn and start the Journey about being a motherhood, the bonding with her baby and at the same time to revitalise strength, and speed up recovery. From a Fair Lady to Motherly woman, it is about stepping away from my old life and into the new, the wonderful bridge between the two.

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