Best Confinement Food Catering Service Singapore

Looking for best confinement food catering service in Singapore ? Our confinement food catering service is specially prepared for the new mother to restore her energy. Our experience Chefs have selected the healthy cooking style that retains the nutritious value of the food and ensure great taste with low in salt and less oil natural ingredients use for flavoring and contain No MSG .

Hire or engage a Confinement Nanny is definitely not a ideal choice and yet too expensive. Stubborn yet always adopt their own ways and methods where you end up getting more frustration. We are here to help you! It is so convenient to order the nutritious confinement food with us. Keep in touch with us to find out more.

We understand that the new parents have a lot of challenges during the confinement month. Apart from learning to taking care of the new born while the new mummy have to plan for baby shower or prepare for the baby full month celebrations. To ease your stress, we provide a one-stop full month package services that you can enjoy the great event without stress and stepping out of your house while enjoying and spending more time with your loved ones.

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