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Confinement Herbs Singapore

Nutritious eating regimen is crucial in the postnatal period to make sure you recuperate from the nourishing demands of pregnancy, and feature the stamina you will need for motherhood. Traditionally, all the new moms will take confinement food together with confinement herbs during the confinement period. Chinese confinement herbs contain unique nutritious additives so that it will resource mothers in their journey of recuperation and energy restoration during their confinement month

Confinement herbs for new mom

It is important to replenish your health with great sustenance nutrition during confinement period. Most of the Tonic Soup is to promote Qi and nourishes blood.



Red Dates Tea Singapores

Red dates are outstanding as the ruler of nuts for their super wholesome nutritional value. It is regularly present in the blended home grown herbal tonics and dishes.

Dried longan is ‘warm’ and has great degree of benefit to the heat and kidneys. It also promote relaxation and help to sleep well.

Dried longan, combined with red dates and goji berries go very well to brew in a ‘dried longan red dates tea’. The drink is prepared to revitalize (revive) general body and wellbeing health during confinement period for new mother after birth. Traditionally, new mother is encourage drink this dried red dates tea to substitute as water int-take. This combo drink helps balance qi (inner body energy), promote blood circulation, thus, a cup of warm dried red dates tea help new mom to stay warm during confinement month.

Dang Gui

Alleviates menstrual cramping and prevents bleeding

Cordyceps Flower

Strengthens and nourishing the lungs


Healing eyesight and increasing energy

Lotus Seed

Healing and anti-ageing

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