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Confinement Herbal Package for Postnatal in Singapore

During pregnancy woman’s immune system can be lowered so that her body will be able to adjust to receiving the new life of the little baby. The internal organs will increase in size gradually to accommodate the growing baby where our confinement herbal package for postnatal comes in handy where most modern mum does not understand the real functions of the combinations and selection of TCM herbs.

During the delivery, the woman will be using their entire “life force” or “chi” to deliver their baby. Their Cervix was dilated or opened and pelvic was expanded. The uterus becoming empty that create space whereby easily ‘catch wind” thus, leading to new mum falling sick. That could be the reason why ancient tradition has no showering and avoid all cooling food during the confinement to avoid woman catching a cold. The woman will not dare to go barefoot even at their own home. She wore slippers or socks at all times and kept warm at all time. She stays in the home behind the closed door. The practice could also due to the environmental condition and medical science is not as advanced as compared with current moment.

In this modem era, quite a handful of Asia Communities are still practice observing the proper Confinement:  “zuo yue zi within Chinese community (28 days); Malay Pantang (44 days) or India get help by a special assistant “dai” (40 days). The similarity of confinement practice will be the new mother is expected to adhere to a strict diet, keep off her feet, plenty of rest, and focus on healing and bonding with her baby. During this confinement period, confinement mummy will be served like an empress; Confinement Herbals Cares are also recommended. To eating the warm-natured food. The cold-natured foods must be avoided as they cause “Feng (wind)” for Chinese; “masuk angina (wind invasion) for Malay. These restrictions are believed to help the new mum to prevent health problem in her later in life; like rheumatism, arthritis, headaches and body aches.

Confinement Herbal Package

From TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) perspective, food is not only to fill one’s stomach but is also a nourishing agent, with preventative and healing powers to fight off the onset illnesses when used properly.  The way to release these beneficial powers is to slow fire brew the food and herbs (for 2 – 3 hours). This is to allow the essence and nutrients of the foods release into the soup and allows the human body absorb the nutrients easily. This slowly brews soups is a practice that the Cantonese call “Chinese Food Therapy” (食療)”. The benefits can range from detoxification, nourishment to major body organs, reduction of blood sugar and blood pressure, replenishment of the Qi, and release the excess element(s) that throw the body off its internal yin-yang balance.  When the internal body is off balance, outward bodily symptoms like a sore throat, coughing, or dryness can appear. The Confinement Herbal care is working around this concept offering 28 or 30 days Confinement Herbal Package. The herbs are meant to detox and then to rebuild. Example

  • Eu Yan Sang 28 day Essential Kit for New Mum – Postnatal Confinement Care
  • Hock Hua 28 days Confinement Herbal Soup: 28 types of premixed herbal tonic soup for 28 days.
  • Lao Ban Niang 30 days Confinement Herbal Soup accompany two boxes of Sheng Hua Tang (生化汤) on top of the 30-day herbs

To complete the Confinement Herbal Care is the Confinement Herbal Bath which provides the better effect on expelling the wind and promoting better blood circulation

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