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We are a team of professional and understand how stressful to take good care of both the family and work at the same time, especially, when the little bundle from heaven arrives, things will be a little more hectic.  It cost quite a sum to get confinement nanny’s help and furthermore, marketing may still be an issue too. The modern woman wants to get back to the health state of pre-pregnancy but may not like the taste of fine traditional confinement food in Singapore. With all these considerations, Happy-mummy caters to your needs as caterers for confinement food Singapore. We are the reliable confinement food caterer in Singapore. We strive to be a unique confinement food catering company in Singapore that deliver delicious confinement meals that suit everyone’s taste buds to the health conscious you, Essentials of Post – Natal Confinement Food Singapore Traditionally, during confinement period, the time that is needed by the body to recuperate from childbirth, which usually lasts for 30 days. New mothers will be observing this 30 days of  “Zuoyuezi” (post-natal recovery) This is to allow the new mother to rest, heal, not to drink or eat anything “cold”, stay warm and in their home. As part of the post-natal recovery, one of the essentials would be having the menus with special cook meal, specifically those that make use of healthy ingredients. This is meant to improve blood circulation, revitalize strength, and speed up recovery, among other things.

Confinement food Menue

What should be on the menu? One of the essentials things that new mum should take into consideration would be the dishes and soup that are offered by the provider of confinement food catering in Singapore. The latter must be able to offer a good diversity of selections to satisfy your taste buds. Some of the common food ingredients include red dates tea,  codfish, broccoli, papaya, ginger, vinegar, and chicken. More than the diversity, of course, they should also be healthy.

Pricing for Chinese Confinement Food package

Price is another factor that will be vital in your selection of a right company for confinement food catering Singapore. But one should not compromise on the quality. Take a look at the packages they are offering and see if you can save by ordering more. You will generally have the freedom to select just some meals a day, such as for lunch or dinner or a full meal package, inclusive even of snacks.

What Others Are Saying

Before making a decision, you may also consult with what other people are saying. This can be done by reading reviews (blog) or asking around from people you personally know. Their insights and experiences will give you an idea about the service that can be expected from the provider of confinement food catering Singapore, such as how timely the delivery will be.

How Easy to  Order

Lastly, it is also important to consider service level of the confinement food caterer. It should be easy and hassle-free. No one would like to deal with the complicated process when placing an order. It would be nice to choose one that has a user-friendly website and reliable customer service. In summary, in spite of having many options for confinement food catering Singapore, not all of them can prove to be the same. To be assured of nothing but the best, pay attention to the factors that have been mentioned above, which will make it easy to come up with the right choice and here is Happy-Mummy Confinement Food. Happy-mummy has years of experience and backed by excellent genuine reviews, your option choice of Confinement Food Catering Singapore is awaiting for you. the We have the stringent screening process to ensure the ingredient quality. We also provide all our customers with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We understand your needs because we are passionate and serious about our business

Food Packages

We offer a wide range of Packages, with choice of traditional or premium package . Select one that suit you most!

Confinement Herbs

It is very important to eat nutrition food and herbs throughout the confinement period. We take care of this by carefully design our menu.

Full Month Celebration (满月)

Not only we take charge of your nourishment need throughout the confinement peiod, we strive to provide
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