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Confinement Package Singapore

Don’t know how to cook confinement food?

The joy that the new baby brings to the family is unlimited. Everyone is busy playing and learning how to take care the small baby. It is important to let the great mum have a good rest and balanced diet to recuperate after giving birth. However, it is not uncommon to hear the complaint from your friends and colleague that the confinement nanny is too expensive to hire. They are sick of the traditional way of cooking that the confinement nanny or mother in law insists on.  Some of your friends may tell you that the domestic helper does not know how to cook confinement food. is here to provide you with the solution! We have a variety of confinement packages for you to choose!

Healthy Choice Confinement Food Package

We recognize the fact that new mum needs a balanced diet and nutritious diet but we have modified some of the traditional ways of cooking to suit the taste bud of the modern mum. Our chef selects only the best ingredients with the healthier choice that is most beneficial for effective postnatal recuperation. We provide a variety of dishes in our menu with a combination of Traditional and Modern Food. Our confinement food packages are value for money and we provide you with the fresh and nutritious ingredients. When you taste it you will definitely know the difference.

Our Premium Package is to revitalize the health at a different stage during the Confinement Period to meet the nutrients and restore the health. Customers are able to tailor-make the menu for the Premium Menu. Tailor-made menu and changes are advised to send to us before the order confirmation. We will try our best to meet your requirement.


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Standard Confinement Package




No of Days Meal Type Amount ($)
Twin Meals


HMB28 28 Days Lunch & Dinner 1,598.00

(Early Bird – 1,468.00)

Twin Meals


HMB20 20 Days Lunch & Dinner 1,198.00

(Early Bird – 1,128.00)

Twin Meals


HMB14 14 Days Lunch & Dinner 838.00
Twin Meals HMB 7 7 Days Lunch & Dinner 438.00
Single Meal


HML28 28 Days Lunch 888.00
Single Meal


HML20 20 Days Lunch 688.00
Single Meal


HML14 14 Days Lunch 428.00
Single Meal


HMD28 28 Days Dinner 888.00
Single Meal


HMD20 20 Days Dinner 688.00
Single Meal


HMD14 14 Days Dinner 428.00
Trial Meal Lunch or Dinner 35.00
Classic Confinement Package



No of Days Meal Type Amount ($)
Twin Meals CMB28 28 Days Lunch & Dinner 1,888.00
Twin Meals CMB21 21 Days Lunch & Dinner 1,416.00
Twin Meals CMB14 14 Days Lunch & Dinner 944.00
Twin Meals CMB 7 7 Days Lunch & Dinner 472.00
Single Meal CML28 28 Days Lunch 980.00
Single Meal CML21 21 Days Lunch 735.00
Single Meal CML14 14 Days Lunch 490.00
Single Meal CML7 7 Days Lunch 245.00
Single Meal CMD28 28 Days Dinner 980.00
Single Meal CMD21 21 Days Dinner 735.00
Single Meal CMD14 14 Days Dinner 490.00
Single Meal CMD7 7 Days Dinner 245.00
Trial Meal Lunch or Dinner 45.00


Premium Confinement Package
Type Code No of Days Meal Type Amount ($)
Twin Meals PMB28 28 Days Lunch & Dinner 2,198.00

(Early Bird – $2,058.00)

Twin Meals PMB20 20 Days Lunch & Dinner 1,588.00

(Early Bird – $1518.00)

Twin Meals PMB14 14 Days Lunch & Dinner 1098.00
Twin Meals PMB 7 7 Days Lunch & Dinner 598.00
Single Meal PML28 28 Days Lunch 1188.00
Single Meal PML20 20 Days Lunch 1088.00
Single Meal PML14 14 Days Lunch 598.00
Single Meal PMD28 28 Days Dinner 1188.00
Single Meal PMD20 20 Days Dinner 1088.00
Single Meal PMD14 14 Days Dinner 598.00
Trial Meal Lunch or Dinner 35.00
Add on Tingkat Package




No of Days Diner Only


Lunch & Dinner

Amount ($)

2 pax


3 Dishes soup 20 Days


$210 $420
3 pax


3 Dishes soup 20 Days


$280 $560
4 pax


3 Dishes soup 20 Days


$330 $660
5 pax 3 Dishes soup 20 Days


$390 $780
6 pax 3 Dishes soup 20 Days


$450 $900


Terms and Conditions:

  1. This package will only sell as add-on with confinement food order.
  2. Microwavablee Container orders will be charged at additional $10 for 2-3pax, $20 for 4-6 pax.
  3. Food items are subject to change without prior notice.