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Confinement Food For Cesarean Singapore

Confinement Food For Cesarean Singapore

A Special Confinement Food After Delivery Care.

Confinement Food For Cesarean Singapore

confinement food for cesarean

Confinement food for cesarian

Grandma used to advise the types of confinement food to avoid after cesarean or c section to confinement mummy:

  • Chicken promotes the formation of phlegm which is not true.
  • Seafood of shellfish like clams, scallops and oysters tend to harbour more bacteria than other seafood.
  • Soy sauce cause long-lasting dark scars has no scientific explanation. However, for those allergic to Soya Beans may experience itching, swelling and skin reactions like hives and eczema
  • Avoid spicy food may cause heartburn and flatulence to mother and baby through consuming through breast milk.
  • Fermented Foods Fermented foods are known to cause flatulence in both mother and baby.

The right type of nutrition can speed up the healing processes and improves your energy levels after the Cesarean. Food to be taken after c section is to eating food that high in protein ( pork, chicken ), vitamin C, and iron ( liver ). Protein helps the healing process and is required for the development of new tissue. Vitamin C assumes an important role in healing and battling infections.  Iron and hemoglobin are essential for red blood cells. Losing blood caused iron deficiency anemia, thus, affected the body immune

Cesarean section recovery

More and more pregnant mother (mothers) may choose to cesarean section for birth, because of fear of pain and fear of dystocia and may due to the health condition. The women childbirth undergo the surgical c-section is different from the vaginal delivery; especially if they are over 40, because of the increased risk of complications in older mum.


Cesarean Section Procedure

Cesarean delivery is a crucial abdominal surgery which involves an incision through the skin, muscle, guts, and after that into the uterus. Surgical wound is large and wide. It is about 10cm long incision at pregnant woman’s abdomen to remove the fetus and then stitched. From start to finish, including pre-operation and post-operation, a typical c-sect going on for 3-4 hours. As it is connected to vaginal, it may also cause the vaginal bacterial to flare up. There are many complications and post-disease, the common complications are fever, uterine bleeding, and urinary retention, etc.

You’re needed to remember that it takes a significant amount of time and energy for the healing from surgery. Added in all the postpartum changes your body is going through; and along with the new task of round-the-clock parenting responsibilities, the post-natal care methods may not the same as it with the traditional confinement. The slight intensive postnatal care for the pregnant women go through cesarean section

Caesarean section confinement – relaxed & happy mood

A relaxed state of mind, maintain a happy mood:

After returning home from the hospital, you do not expect to be able to return to normal immediately. Avoid negative thought. Your body may take about 6 months to fully recover; at forum article, many women even said that they took up to a year to be physically fully recovered. It is important to get up and around as much as possible. While to getting a lot of rest once you’re home, you should get up and stroll around consistently. Strolling help to advances recuperating and prevent complexities, for instance, blood clot

Caesarean section confinement -red dates tea

Plenty of water intake:

Caesarean section maternal should drink a lot of water during the confinement. This is not only to prevent constipation is also helps you breastfeeding. Chinese confinement meal used to serve Confinement Drink of ginger tea and red date tea; and Confinement Tonic of red wine chicken soup, ginseng chick soup etc.;  substitute as water in take.


Caesarean section confinement – Care of the wound

Care of the wound:

Your belly will deliver sore for some time but your wounds will get better days by days . When you cough or laugh, your hand can hold onto the wound to withstand your stomach will help to ease the pain. If there are signs of infection, including wound fever, redness or swelling ; wound exudation; worsening or sudden pain; or systemic fever (even if your wound looks good), timely treatment shall not be neglected; consult the doctor immediately.

C section Confinement Chinese – sheng-yu-soup

Maternal Help:

Post natal confinement care of pregnancy is critical for women after childbirth, especially, first two week ( weeks ), as its can either benefit or affect her health in the long run; especially women undergo cesarean birth should never take it too lightly. Hiring a confinement nanny is definitely ease the new mum to cope with the new demanding baby for day and night feeding to rejuvenate and recuperating from childbirth. Or to engage the confinement food delivering to provide the right type of food to eat and aimed to balance the “Yin and Yang “of our body, to improve blood circulation, dispel wind, detox and cleansing the toxins from our body, revitalise health and absorb the necessary nutrition

At Happy-Mummy Singapore Confinement Food Delivery, the style of Home Cook Confinement Meal; select only the best fine ingredients with the healthiest choice. All ingredients are specially selected by our chief and supervise. It delivers fresh daily from our reliable supplier. All staff has to undergo a mandatory food preparation and food hygiene training to ensure food serve to our customer are safe and maintain a consistently high-quality standard.


Disclaimer: Happy-mummy is not an expert on anything with regards to miscarriage diet. The written information is just a suggestion and never replace the advice from the medical professional.

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