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Confinement Food Delivery Singapore

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Confinement Food Delivery Singapore 

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Confinement food deliveryAre you looking for hassle free steam hot Confinement Food Delivery Singapore service straight to your doorstep? The period of confinement is the stage where new mothers are recovering and recuperating from child birth. This traditional practice is necessary for women to heal and recover their strength that has been immensely depleted after the child birth. Thus, the mother needs an appropriate sustenance from Confinement Food. This custom likewise illuminated that the mother ought to breastfeed the infant. The reason is that breastmilk is a complete food. It contains at least 400 nutrients, as well as hormones and disease-fighting compounds.

The idea confinement food makes sure new mother receive the proper nutrients to live healthy even as to nursing their baby. Modernised mums during confinement period every so often wants to maintain themselves dependence and a level of privacy. They may not want a nanny or helper under their feet all day. Elderly of family, however, may have either forgotten their confinement meal recipes or are being kept on their toes all day and night by your bundle of joy, as such they do not have the time to cook for you. Happy-mummy Confinement Food Catering expertise well understand the demanding situations faced by new mother, therefore;

  • We closely follow the customary belief that women post natal will suffer from postpartum cold, blood stasis in the lower abdomen and a Qi and blood deficiency disorder. Our confinement food is therefore on food therapy based with herbs and meats deliver the needed nutrients and proteins for the new mothers. Meals, Food especially warm soups made out of ginger, lotus seed, Chinese language motherwort, and pork ribs are mostly what make up the confinement food delivery menus
  • Our confinement meals are delivered warm in Thermo Tub and Flask. The flavour and nutrients, therefore remain locked and maintain freshness when it is delivered to the new mother at the right timing with no delay.
  • Our years of experience in Confinement Catering Services with the recipe pass it on from the generation with herbal guidance by TCM physician. New mother gets to enjoy the Confinement Food in home cooked dishes and rich in traditional tastes.
  • We are backed by excellent genuine reviews and we also provide 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We understand your needs because we are also the parent.

Confinement Meals Delivery Time:

Lunch – 10.00am to 1.00pm Dinner – 4.00pm to 7.00pm

No service during Lunar New Year period (Eve and first 2 days).

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