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Chinese Confinement in the modern era

Confinement period with its age-old customs is a very sensible idea. This is an ancient tradition dating back to the Xihan dynasty some 2000 years ago and widely practised in Chinese community today. It is providing peace of mind for the new mother and enabling her to emerge refreshed for the long days and nights as she becomes the newborn’s carer.Chinese Confinement Food Singapore

Traditionally, the mother is expected stays exclusively inside her home behind the closed doors during the confinement period (hence the ‘confinement’ reference). The period is lasted for one month, though some cultures observe this for up to 90 days. In Chinese, this period is known as 坐月(zuo yue) or 坐月子 (zuo yue zi), literally translating to ‘sitting-month’. You will also see ‘doing the month’ as another alternate translation. The new mother will be served like an Empress during this Confinement period.

Confinement is the distinctive lifestyle primary focuses on the presence of quality physical rest, appropriate exercises, emotional and practical support.  A modified diet with the correct use of Chinese Herbal Medicine and acupuncture to aid the new mother’s recovery from the physiological impacts of pregnancy and delivery. It is also to boost her health in this vulnerable period which in turn, also increases the well-being of the newborn.

Chinese Confinement Food Singaporechinese confinement food Singapore

Basically, Chinese Confinement Food is all about the balanced diet; the balance of yin and yang aims to restore body energy. It is important to eat a variety of healthy food that contains food from all levels of the food pyramid. Typically recommend the inclusion of meat, plenty of fruits and vegetables. Its limit uncooked food (eg. salads) eaten as a meal, and avoid drinks that are colder than room temperature. Another area of Chinese confinement meal aims to stimulate breast milk. Breast milk can strengthen the baby’s digestion and enhance the immune system. The act of breastfeeding help to promote bonding between the mother and the baby.

Daily dishes include double-boiled soups, dishes of fish, lean pork meat with ginger and sesame oil, sesame oil chicken, fish soup, spinach soup and other normal and healthy meals. Another best-known Chinese confinement Food Singapore dish is braised pig’s trotters with ginger in black vinegar. This dish is so nutritionally well-regarded, some restaurants occasionally offer it and males also partake of its goodness! Evidently, the trotters provide collagen, the ginger expels wind and the vinegar helps clean any toxins in the body, purifies the blood and makes the body strong. It tastes better than it sounds!

  • Happy-mummy Chinese Confinement Food Singapore delivery takes place based on well- founded Chinese Medicine principals from trained and qualified practitioners, combined with knowledge of the mother’s physiology from a Western Medicine’s perspective.
  • Our authentic confinement meal recipes with well-balanced nourishing meals are passed down from generations.
  • We choose only the most effective ingredients with the healthiest cooking option. Our ingredients are specially chosen by our master chef and delivered daily from our reliable provider. All the processes from purchasing of ingredients, preparation and cooking of the confinement food are properly managed and documented
  • The meals are delivered warm in Thermos Tub and Flask. The flavour and nutrients, therefore remain locked and maintain freshness when it is delivered to the new mother at the right timing with no delay.