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Frequently Asked Questions

Meal Cancellations

For meal cancellation, customer must notify us one day in advance before 3pm. Only allow two times cancellation and all cancelled meals will be replaced. No refund in cash will be given.


No MSG is used.


Is steam Plain Rice or Brown Rice included in every meal ?


Booking of Package

Booking of Package can be done via a) Call us at +65 97207009 b) send order online to or c) Print, fill up and mail the order

Booking Confirmation

The Order will be confirmed on upon receipt of deposit. Balance payment is due on the first day of service. we will provide sales invoice when we deliver the first meal. We reserved the right to terminate the service if payment is not made on the 2nd day of services..

  • No additional charge if you give notice 5 days before the confirmed delivery date.
  • After the confirmed delivery date, at least 5 working days in advance notice with company acknowledgment. Consumed meals will be charged at a pro-rated rate:
    $35 per meal for standard confinement package
    $50 per meal for premium confinement package
    and $50 for an administrative fee
Delivery Packaging
  • Cheap Confinement Food Catering Singapore provides 1 flask & 3 Thermal container are on loan to customers on a daily basis for exchange throughout the service period.  The Customer is responsible for the cleanliness. Lost or damage of the loaned food thermal tub and Flask (charge $25 each).
  • The last day and trial meal will be served in the microwaveable containers.
Change Package (Upgrade or Downgrade)
  • Upgrading package is possible by paying the price difference from the original ordered package price without the early bird’s discount.
  • However if you decide to downgrade the package, all consumed meals and remaining meals will be charged at $35/meal. An administrative charge of $50 will also be imposed. Early bird’s discount will not be applicable.
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