Celebrate the Baby Full Month with Happy Mummy

Baby Full Month Celebration Singapore

The baby full month celebration in Singapore is an important event that every new parent will plan during the confinement month.During the confinement month, the mummy needs to regain her strength after experience the childbirth and blood loss. It is important for the new mother to rest during the confinement period. We can help to take some hassle out of event organising when planning your baby full month celebration (also known as Chinese Man Yue).  We provide a full range of services for this special occasion. Contact us or send us the enquiry for advance planning, We will impress your guest for your baby full month celebration.


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Baby Full Month Cake Singapore

The celebration of baby’s full month is probably one of the most important milestones after the arrival of the new family member. Traditionally, new parents will give full month baby cakes to friends and relatives as a gesture of appreciation for sharing in their joy. For the modern parents, to save time and give the friends the choice of choosing their cakes, cake voucher is commonly used now.

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