Free Vegetarian Meals Singapore

As many would know, Singapore is one of the high-cost city to live in. Generally, each meal could easily cost $10 or more. Many poor people, in its midst, face the challenge of coping with soaring food prices and the high cost of living; such as the lonely elderly, unemployed and foreign students.

Another less fortunate are the silent foreign workforces. Many of them might have taken up high Loan/Debt back at their hometown. They engage the foreign worker agency to secure hard labour job with low salaries that most Singaporeans would not want to take. Their Loan/Debt can be as high as to a year worth of salaries to be able to pay off. They send home what they have earned to support their family and children’s education. They aim to have the better life in future.

Since they have no social welfare, places that offer cheap or even free meal would, therefore, be just as good as a social aid for them. After all, every single penny count for them.

There is help in forms of offering free meals from some religious associations and welfare groups. Their bills are sponsored by their members and business people. Every day, Free Vegetarian Meal from Buddhist Temples and Buddhist Communities, such as Singapore Buddhist Lodge, Central Sikh Temple, Sri Krishna Mandir and Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, are open to the general public.

Free Vegetarian Buffet meals from Buddhist Lodge

free vegetarian mealsThe Buddhist Lodge is the most generous, typically offering a Vegetarian Buffet of 6 to 8 dishes on a normal day and 10 Vegetarian Dishes on Lunar New Year period.

Best of all, it is self-service buffet style with a great variety of food; from fried Bee Hoon, Bee Hoon Soup, Fried noodles, White rice, Porridge, Curry Cabbage, Tofu and 10 other kinds of vegetarian dishes, fruit and so on.

free vegetarian foodThere is an own-self prepared Fresh Spring Roll with the simple ingredients of lettuce, bean sprout, chilli paste, sweet soy sauce and grounded peanut. It is far more than delicious as it has the special ingredients of compassion love from devotee and the generosity from Buddhist Lodge.

Generous donation and selfless volunteers from Devotees

There are signs of a global recession, during weekends there are about 5,000 people turning out to fill their stomachs at the Singapore Buddhist Lodge’s free vegetarian meals.

For such a massive Free Buffet Meal to make possible for anyone, especially the big group of less fortunate silent foreign workforces is because:

  • Kind heart Devotees donate food supplies like rice, vegetables, cooking oil and so on.
  • A team of selfless volunteers spending countless hours preparing, cooking and cleaning.

free vegetarian food donation

It is never an easy task without such great effort from many sources with great compassionate. The price of such food is therefore PRICELESS. While enjoying this great free Buffet vegetarian meal, many Buddhist who can afford has made a generous donation which can be many times more than the eatery at Buddhist Lodge. 

As a slogan of Buddhist lodge “offering Dana (“generosity” or “giving”) to cultivate generosity “素食供众广结善缘“. This is a beautiful and compassion tradition in Buddhist Community, particularly exit in the Buddhist Lodge Templefree vegetarian food Buddhist Lodge

The Singapore Buddhist Lodge. 
17-19 Kim Yam Road Singapore 239329.
Tel: 67372635

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