Post Natal Hair Loss

Our scalp hairs go through the cycles of growing and dropping phases. The average person loses around 100 hair a day. However, during the pregnancy, oestrogen levels increase and the growing cycle is prolonged; that is hair to remain in a growing phase and less hair are falling out. Pregnancy women tend to have gorgeously thick, healthy and shiny hair during the pregnancy.

After giving birth, the hormones decline, the hair in the prolonged growing phase started to shed, that is the extra hairs start to fall out but new hair has not been replaced, resulting in a noticeable loss of hair. It can sometimes fall out in clumps, leaving small bald patches. While other mums will notice a general thinning of the hair. In general, up to 50% of new mums may encounter post-natal hair loss after delivery. In contrary, some women may experience extreme hair loss after pregnancy. The good news is that it may take up 6 months to 1 year for the hair to go back to its pre-pregnancy thickness. This temporary hair loss is a normal and natural process. It doesn’t mean you’re deficient in nutrition or vitamins, quoted from the article of Dr. Stone said. It’s simply a hormonal change.

How long does hair loss after pregnancy last? Until this happens you may want to be proactive and try different methods to strengthen your hair and keep it from falling out. Here is the practical tip to recommend.

How to reduce post-natal hair loss or to improve the severe postpartum hair loss?

  • Eat a balanced diet is important and ensure to getting all the required vitamins and minerals; like taking fish oil tablets.
  • Consult a hair stylist for a fresh haircut that creates the illusion and maximises the volume of hair.
  • Part the hair away from normal parting; e,g hair in the middle, may trying parting it on other parts.
  • Proper wide tooth comb and don’t brush or comb when hair it is wet
  • Using volumizing spray or mousse products.
  • Use of good quality shampoo and conditioning.

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