Weight Loss After Delivery

weight loss after delivery

How To Loss Weight After Delivery

Weight Loss After Delivery In One Month To Pre-Pregnancy Stage

Do you believe that, as long as there is proper confinement practice, the postnatal mother will be able to achieve targeted weight loss after delivery to restore to pre-pregnancy weight within a month after giving birth?

The following are the 4 keys to weight-loss during confinement month.

1.Water Retention: 

In general, one gain weight of about 12 kg during the pregnancy. How to reduce this 12 kg to achieve weight loss after delivery is becoming the focus issue of the new mother. We calculate, the baby with the placenta weights about 5.5 kg, there is the balance of 6.5 kg, of which the water accounted for more than 60%.That is why it is best to drink as little as possible during the first week after giving birth. If the new mum can not solve the “water retention” issue during the decisive first week but drink water without scruples, it will have a negative impact on metabolism, then it would be difficult to lose weight in the next three weeks to achieve the targeted weight loss after delivery.

2.Proper Diet plan: 

The main focus of first-week confinement is to reduce “water retention “, but also to grasp the concept of progressive selective food intake. During first 2 weeks, the lochia (the normal discharge from the uterus after childbirth.) will occur, the diet should focus on the promotion of metabolism, excretion of excess water on the body. The new mum can take ” liver fried with sesame oil ” as the main food during the first week,  to help the uterus discharge lochia and other waste; To promote blood circulation & prevention of back pain, 2nd week to consume “sesame oil fry with kidney”. Until the lochia taper off (3rd to 4th weeks, the new mum can begin to eat “sesame chicken”, to tonicity blood and “qi”. It is no wonder some new mum gain weight as they take” sesame oil chicken” , from the first day to the last day of the confinement.

3.Body wrapping and exercise: 

It is recommended that those who are body conscious, should wrap their tummy, even when sleeping. This will not only help the body’s recovery, it also prevents internal organ and skin sagging,  and eliminate stretch marks. However, one has to use the special purpose strips meant for pregnant women, wrap around the core tied, so as to completely lift and support the drooping abdomen and mold the body shape. In addition, although new mum should avoid laborious work, moderate exercise to burn the fat surrounded the waist, buttocks, restore elasticity is necessary.In general, the new mother can start abdominal contraction, sit-ups and other sports 14 days after delivery. Those who like aerobic exercise can start six weeks later. In short, to have remarkable results, ones should persevere in the postpartum exercise.


In order to produce milk, the fat accumulated during pregnancy will be used up little by little. To produce milk, the body will consume 500 to 800 calories daily, and after a month, it consumes 15000 to 24000 calories more than a mother who does not breastfeed, Converted into fat, then that is nearly 2 kg of fat. Therefore, many medical studies have shown that mothers who breastfeeding can regain body shape early, reduce the risk of breast cancer & ovarian cancer.

The four key listed above can help the new mother to quickly restore the body shape in just 30 days to achieve targeted weight loss after delivery, or even slimmer than before,  return to the workplace with a new confident image! Of course, if ones do not gain too much weight during pregnancy, postpartum weight-loss was easier.