Water Bag Breaking

water bag breaking

Broke Amniotic Fluid

Water bag burst is one of the signals of the baby is to be born soon. Breaking water bag is refers to the amniotic fluid flowing out. In normal circumstances, water bag break just before the cervix is open. If sudden labour pains occur and feeling the water outflow from the vagina, it likely is premature rupture of membranes. The difference between water bag bursting and urinating is: the smell of urine is dense and even pungent; whereas amniotic fluid smell natural, like a sweet scent. The amniotic fluid broke will cause the oxygen deficit, should probably make haste to the hospital as o as the baby is to be born soon. At this state, you should be at least 37 weeks pregnant.
Generally, after the water bag burst, the contractions will start within 24 to 48 hours and most will go into labour within this 48 hours. After the 48 hours, the labour still has not started, the induction will have to consider to reduce cesarean rate. It is highly recommended to avoid shell fish (prawns) and moderate consumption of ginger if you need to breast feed. Confinement food for Cesarean is design specially to take care of all these details.

What to do if water bag is broken?

Water Bag Breaks

what happens if water bag breaks

  • Is this the first baby
  • Any complications during pregnancy
  • What time was water broke
  • Is water flow slowly or with a gush.
  • What colour of water
  • Any signs of contractions or cramps
  • Any change of baby’s movements since water broke
  • To wear a maternity pad. Normal sanitary pad tend to lock fluid away which make it harder for medical specialist to check the colour of fluid
  • If you’re traveling by car to the hospital, to place a clean towel, plastic sheet or bin liner to protect the car seat

Water bag burst after 48 hours and not being induced

  • Raised of temperature, shivering
  • Feel no movements of baby

Above syndrome is the sign of infection, both mother and baby would be treated and induction will be recommended from the doctor. The possibility of cesarean may also take place at this moment.