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We provide nutritious and healthiest choice of Confinement Food Catering Service Singapore where it should never be a compromise for every new mum ! Our meals are specially prepared using the Traditional Confinement Food Catering Singapore recipes with a Modern and Healthy Home Cooked Style!

confinement food after new bornconfinement meals for new mom

Confinement Period / Post-Natal Care 坐月子

It is important that every woman that went through post pregnancy need to understand that there is a change in hormones in their body. During pregnancy, the number of female hormones, progesterone and estragon increases greatly where after pregnancy there are changes in your hormones that require resettling.If this is not properly addressed it is common that some women may have undergone depression after pregnancy which is also known as postpartum depression. Insufficient rest, improper diet and stress in handling the newborn medical condition or emotional stress after a missed abortion or missed miscarriage are the common problems that constitute postpartum depression.

During confinement period it is important that every mother should be in the pink of health, stay stress-free, have plenty of rest as well having a healthy and ensure we provide a balanced healthy diet with essential quality confinement food in order to have a speedy recovery after birth. In general, every new mum deserves a day to day special postnatal care or Zuoyuezi (坐月子) for 28 to 30 days. During the confinement period, as advice by all doctors, breastfeeding is the best gift for every mother to a child where breast milk contains antibodies that enable your newborn child to fight off viruses and bacteria.

It is important to understand that whatever the mother consumes the nutrients will pass to the baby during breastfeeding, each confinement meal served to the mother must achieve the highest quality and nutrition value. Our traditional recipes are specially prepared using the right TCM or Chinese herbs such as red dates and Wolfberries typically called Goji berries sometimes called Chinese wolfberries or Lycium berries that are packaged with the essential nutritious value which will benefit both the mother and her new-born babies. 

Key Challenges in Preparing Confinement Food in Singapore

In a nutshell following a recipe cooking your own confinement food does not seem to be a very difficult task but the main challenge is at the end of the day the food must taste delicious and achieve the highest nutritious value. How to achieve and what are the important factors?

  • fresh ingredients – require daily supply and consume within the same day
  • favour and aroma – herbs, sauce, spices and the combination of ingredients must be in the right proportion
  • people with good culinary skill in cooking confinement food – these require many years of research and experience and do not expect your helper or even your parents or in-laws to master this skills as they might not cook these dishes very frequently
  • balanced diet without additional calories require proper guidelines provided by dietitian, nutritionist  and chef to ensure adequate portions served for lunch and dinner that meets your daily needs. If you cook on your own very high tendency that you will cook additional portions and over consumed that you will add on that extra kilos in the weighing scale
  • healthy cooking style – strictly no deep fry with a prefer choice of less oil and less salt


Benefits of healthy confinement food catering service Singapore

Consuming traditional style Confinement Food in Singapore is an essential part for every new mum where you require to restore to pre-pregnancy state and stay in good shape. This diet is specially designed to improve the new mother’s immune system and remain in vitality while nursing their baby. The traditional confinement food in Singapore must provide the essential benefits

  • Strengthen the body Immune system
  • detox and neutralise the toxin from the body
  • remove the wind in the body or bloated stomach
  • simulate blood distribution and circulations
  • arrest abnormal discharge of fluids from the body such as heavy sweating
  • stimulate appetite
  • nourish blood and lubricate intestines to improve bowel movements


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Confinement herbs for new momFresh fish

Happy-Mummy Confinement Food

Happy-Mummy fully understands the challenges faced by every new mom in cooking confinement food or also known as post natal meals.We believe that at this time it is important that you should eat right and stay happy.Do not let these issues wear you down where we could make your life much easier for you.What is more important now during your confinement period is to provide you more time to rest and spend time with your newborn

Our confinement meals are specially catered to enhance your postnatal health and at the same time help your body to cope with lactation demands of breastfeeding.

Our confinement food menu

Our team had many years of experience in confinement food and our menus are specially designed by a group of different generations of experienced grannies and mommies that have gone through the confinement process themselves.

The menus are further reviewed and improved by our master chef to ensure that it suit the modern mummies and yet not compromising on the nutritious values. We balance our Confinement menu with a combination of Modern and Traditional dishes; adding ingredients like ginger, lotus seed, TCM confinement herbs for the nourishing need for postnatal mum.The menus are reviewed and sampled by our key management periodically to ensure that our menus cater for different customers’ needs.

Confinement Food Ingredients

Our experienced chefs select only the most effective freshest fine ingredients and herbs in the food preparation process in providing a balanced diet to all the mummies where they can stay in good shape after confinement period.Our ingredients are delivered fresh daily from our reliable provider.

Confinement Food Cooking 

We choose the healthiest cooking option that it benefits every new mummy where we ensure minimal salt and the appropriate quantity of oil be used. The cooking timing for these delicate dishes must be well controlled to ensure that the nutritious value and the pure essence of the meat and herbs are being retained where no MSG is required in our cooking.

Confinement Food Quality Control

To ensure consistency on the quality of food each and every process from preparation of confinement food menus to purchasing of ingredients, preparation and cooking of the confinement food are properly managed and documented.

All our kitchen cooks and helpers are proficiently trained and certified government agency.They are required to take compulsory food preparation and food hygiene training to make sure food serve for our customers are safe and maintaining high-quality standard consistently.

Our chef provides close supervision of the food preparation to make sure the client receives the meals with great satisfaction.
All the dishes are sampled by our chef before delivery to ensure good quality and maintain high consistently on the food before being delivered to our customers

We also have a few teams of drivers that deliver the food islandwide within the stipulated delivery time windows.

Our customers also can have the flexibility to opt out any ingredients which they are not in favor with. Call our main line and talk to our customer service crew to understand more.

Our Confinment Food Price

We have a wide range of food package to cater to your need. Read More

Standard Confinement Package






No of Days Meal Type Amount ($)

Twin Meals


HMB28 28 Days Lunch & Dinner 1,598.00

(Early Bird – 1,468.00)


Twin Meals


HMB20 20 Days Lunch & Dinner 1,198.00

(Early Bird – 1,128.00)


Twin Meals


HMB14 14 Days Lunch & Dinner 838.00
Twin Meals HMB 7 7 Days Lunch & Dinner 438.00

Single Meal


HML28 28 Days Lunch 888.00

Single Meal


HML20 20 Days Lunch 688.00

Single Meal


HML14 14 Days Lunch 428.00

Single Meal


HMD28 28 Days Dinner 888.00

Single Meal


HMD20 20 Days Dinner 688.00

Single Meal


HMD14 14 Days Dinner 428.00
Trial Meal Lunch or Dinner 35.00
Premium Confinement Package






No of Days Meal Type Amount ($)

Twin Meals


PMB28 28 Days Lunch & Dinner 2,198.00

(Early Bird – $2,058.00)


Twin Meals


PMB20 20 Days Lunch & Dinner 1,588.00

(Early Bird – $1518.00)


Twin Meals


PMB14 14 Days Lunch & Dinner 1098.00
Twin Meals PMB 7 7 Days Lunch & Dinner 598.00

Single Meal


PML28 28 Days Lunch 1188.00

Single Meal


PML20 20 Days Lunch 1088.00

Single Meal


PML14 14 Days Lunch 598.00

Single Meal


PMD28 28 Days Dinner 1188.00

Single Meal


PMD20 20 Days Dinner 1088.00

Single Meal


PMD14 14 Days Dinner 598.00
Trial Meal Lunch or Dinner 35.00


Food Menu

Our menu are designed based on special dietary needs with morden healthy cooking style..

Food Packages

We offer a wide range of Packages, with choice of traditional or premium package . Select one that suit you most!

Confinement Herbs

It is very important to eat nutrition food and herbs throughout the confinement period. We take care of this by carefully design our menu.

Full Month Celebration (满月)

Not only we take charge of your nourishment need throughout the confinement peiod, we strive to provide
One-stop solution for you just a telephone call away

Key questions asked to select confinement food catering service?  

There are a few struggles in between when you need help to hire the right confinement food catering service that could cater for your need. The first challenge will be the pricing and the affordability of every individual where some might have some tight budget constraint and where they had to lower their expectation.


What are the confinement food package ?

We offer 3 main types of confinement food package

  • Standard confinement Food Package
  • Premium Confinement Food Package
  • Add on tingkat Food package
  • The price varies depend on the single meal lunch or both lunch and dinner and also individual or family package depends on the number of pax. Check out our ==> confinement food price list
What are your expectation on the food quality and preference?

If there is no budget constraint and you have a higher expectation on the food quality you should select our premium package where we use more TCM and Chinese herbs, chicken drum stick  or chicken fillet  and premium tread fin fish for detail please refer to our confinement food menu

Is the service reliable and How is the customer support ?

We have a team of friendly and helpful customer support team that will assist you with the enquiry. Our online service is 24hrs a day and 7 days a week you can reach us by using our online forms, email or call or Whats App our customer service hotline and we will respond you with 24 hrs.

Most of our orders are through the recommendation from word of mouth or orders from repeated customers.

Is the confinement food delivery service island wide and any surcharge in Sentosa ?

We provide free confinement food delivery service islandwide in Singapore and no delivery to Jurong Island. Delivery surcharge of  $20 applies to delivery to Sentosa Island.

Do I need to pay a deposit to confirm my order?

Yes, in order to avoid disappointment all our customers need to pay a deposit of min 10 to 15% of the actual price to confirm the order as we have a pretty high order where we may turn you down on last minute order depend on a case by case basis.

Does the confinement food package include GST?

There is No, GST for our confinement food package.

How do we packed our confinement food?

Our confinement meals are delivered in Tingkat or seal packed in disposal containers.

  • You must agree to clean the Tingkat when returned else we will deliver with disposable container
  • There will be a surcharge for disposable container

Highly recommended confinement food catering service. The meal served is healthy, nutritious and delicious and even my older kids love it.

Tan Pui Lin

The pleasant customer service staff patiently listen, explain and take down my confinement food order request.

Diana Chew


The quality of the confinement food was good and the delivery staffs were very responsible, they call if there’s delay due to unforeseen circumstances.


I needed more rest after a C-section. Happy-Mummy Confinement Food catering service takes care of my confinement meals need. Freshly prepared & steam hot when the meal arrived.


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  • • Payment Terms: 0% / 15% / 20% deposit (non-refundable) upon confirmation of service for Classic / Standard / Premium Confinement Package. ERP charges is applicable for delivery area to ERP area. Currently only Deliver Singapore mainland. • Mode of Payment: Quick Cheque or by Bank Transfer payable to "Astar Business Pte. Ltd" , DBS Bank Ltd: 070-902177-8 upon acceptance of order by our customer service staff. The Order is deemed confirmed once receipt of deposit. Balance Amount to be settled on 1st day of meal delivery. We reserved the right to terminate the service if payment is not made on the 2nd day of delivery